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The Power of Gym Management Software Push Notifications

Posted by Glofox on 22 September, 2017

What if a single message sent to a member’s mobile device could help you increase membership and class sales? For studios and gyms, getting customers to renew their membership can be a difficult task. Fortunately, mobile marketing through your gym management software can help to keep customers motivated and coming back, day after day.

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Topics: Marketing & Social

From Gym Enthusaist to Yoga Instructor - Meet "Yoga with Emma"

Posted by Glofox on 18 February, 2015

This week, we spoke with Emma O' Toole, owner of Yoga with Emma, to learn about her inspirational transition from gym enthusiast to yoga professional. 

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Topics: Starting a Fitness Business, Industry Interest

Why Fitness HQ Chose Glofox Gym Management Software

Posted by Glofox on 2 February, 2015

Johnny Coleman always knew he wanted to be his own boss in the fitness industry. Glofox gym management software helped him to achieve his dream. 

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Topics: Industry Interest, Starting a Fitness Business

Getting the Most from your Facebook Page

Posted by Glofox on 19 January, 2015

Every fitness business owner knows that you can't ignore social media and in particular Facebook. But why is it that some rave about how good it is for their business while others shrug and say they haven't noticed a difference? Like any business tool, it really comes down to understanding how Facebook works and putting in the effort.

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Topics: Marketing & Social