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Marketing Your Yoga Studio 101

Posted by Karen Bryan on 27 September, 2016

So, you’ve decided to take the leap and develop a marketing plan for your yoga studio. Where do you start?! Creating a marketing plan from scratch can seem like an overwhelming process, posing questions such as: What message am I trying to get across? What channels should I use to get this message out? 

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Twitter's 140 Character Update is Live

Posted by Karen Bryan on 20 September, 2016

The Twitter update that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Highly restricted tweets are now a thing of the past.

Twitter announced that the update was coming back in May, however a date for launch was never confirmed. Until now, we’ve been patiently waiting for the update to kick in and we’ve just had confirmation that all is in place! 

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Sneak Peek: The Latest Dashboard Updates

Posted by Karen Bryan on 6 September, 2016

Over the past few months, we've been working hard to create a new and improved Admin Dashboard, specifically designed to make the life of gym and studio owners easier. 

We've got some great new features launching that will help your business to save more time, retain more members and drive more revenue. Check them out below!

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3 Tips for Driving Membership Sales Through the Roof

Posted by Karen Bryan on 24 August, 2016

There’s a lot more to owning and running a gym than meets the eye. With a 100% commission based job, passion for training isn’t enough. To become a successful fitness entrepreneur, you need to activate your business mindset and that’s why we’re bringing you the best tips when it comes to driving membership sales!

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PODCAST EPISODE 13: Top Tips for Driving Sales with Tom Gannon of Fitpro Solutions

Posted by Anthony Kelly on 17 August, 2016

In episode 13 of the Fitness Business Podcast, we spoke with Tom Gannon of Crossfit Sandyford and Fitpro Business Solutions. Tom shares top sales advice and explains the importance of implementing a good sales process and system to avoid common mistakes.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Game Changing Yoga Trends of 2016

Posted by Karen Bryan on 9 August, 2016

The Yoga in America Study 2016 revealed a dramatic increase in the size of the industry and the number of practitioners since the 2012 study. If you missed it, don't worry, we have all the key findings combined in this bite sized infographic. Check out the statistics that every yoga studio owner should know!

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5 Questions Yoga Studio Owners Must Ask Themselves in 2016!

Posted by Karen Bryan on 3 August, 2016

Yoga has become increasingly popular over the last few years and thanks to the 2016 Yoga in America Study we have the latest stats to back it up! According to the study, the number of yoga practitioners in America has grown from 20 million in 2012, to over 36 million in 2016. That’s a lot of people practicing yoga! As Carin Gorrell, editor in chief of Yoga Journal, puts it:

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Podcast Episode 12: The Key to a Successful Fitness Business

Posted by Karen Bryan on 29 July, 2016

In episode 12 of The Fitness Business Podcast, we were delighted to be joined by Paul Drew, co owner, and senior coach at Origin Fitness. Paul shared his story on building his business from the bottom up; starting with training a small number of clients from his co partner's garage. Now, they work with over 160 clients in a large facility in Sandyford. 

Having learned a lot of lessons along the way, Paul gives us an insight into not only their successes to date, but what they would change if given the chance to do it all over again.

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The Top 5 Automations that your Fitness Studio Needs!

Posted by Karen Bryan on 22 July, 2016

Starting up a gym or fitness studio can be a really exciting experience: creating a brand, choosing a location, purchasing equipment and meeting new people. That said, there can be days where it’s down right not what you expected. Who knew there’d be so much admin involved on a day to day basis?

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9 Reasons Why Customers Choose Glofox over Mindbody

Posted by Karen Bryan on 13 July, 2016

We're often asked, "Why should I choose Glofox over Mindbody Online, a bigger company that has been around a lot longer?" No doubt they're a big company and we're sure you've heard of them. We, however, offer a service that differs to Mindbody in many ways. Our goal here is to bring gym, fitness and yoga studio owners a real comparison of Glofox as a Mindbody alternative, so that they can make the right software decision for their business. 

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