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Creating Gym Ads for Lead Generation: Part 1 - Facebook Advertising

Posted by Eamonn Curley on 4 October, 2018

In the first of an ongoing series, we look at how you can use different ad platforms to generate leads for your fitness business and ultimately grow your membership


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7 Steps to Creating a Fitness Marketing Strategy for The Digital Age

Posted by Eamonn Curley on 13 September, 2018


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Webinar: How to Attract More Committed Members

Posted by Andrew McAvinchey on 31 January, 2018

A lot of business owners plunge into running a fitness studio by applying the same discipline they learned from sport: Tenacity and fearlessness. They get results because they’re not afraid to dig in and learn, to get their hands dirty and work hard for their success. 

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3 Fitness Trends your Rivals will Take Advantage of in 2018

Posted by Karen Bryan on 29 January, 2018

2018 is set to be one hell of a year for your gym or studio. It’s the year you get social, build your fitness tribe and most of all, be serious about your member experience. If your business model is focused on group training and semi-private personal training, then this is a must read!

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Gym Marketing: Guide to Instagram for Gym & Fitness Professionals

Posted by Danny Sherrard on 23 January, 2018

We previously discussed Facebook advertising and its effectiveness in promoting your gym or fitness studio. Facebook may have a larger user base, but Instagram is the home of user engagement, it's growing user base spend on average between 25-30 mins on the platform liking over 4 billion posts per day . What does this mean for your fitness business? You need to get on it, STAT! 

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How to Kick Your Fitness Business Off to a Killer Start in 2018 🎉

Posted by Karen Bryan on 12 December, 2017

Whether you're just starting up or trying to get a real handle on your gym or studio, we have everything you need to kick 2018 off to the best possible start.

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4 Ways to Drive Revenue with the Glofox Website Integration

Posted by Karen Bryan on 30 November, 2017

You’ve worked hard to turn your passion into a profitable profession and now, you’re ready to take things to the next level. You’ve built a website that shares your vision, your methods and you have the social proof to back it up, but it’s not working out as the revenue generating machine that you hoped? Marketing and sales may not be your favorite topic, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier hindering your fitness business success. What’s next?

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The Power of Gym Management Software Push Notifications

Posted by Glofox on 22 September, 2017

What if a single message sent to a member’s mobile device could help you increase membership and class sales? For studios and gyms, getting customers to renew their membership can be a difficult task. Fortunately, mobile marketing through your gym management software can help to keep customers motivated and coming back, day after day.

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5 Reasons Why Members Love Your Gym Management Software App

Posted by Anthony Kelly on 17 August, 2017

At Glofox, we know that a Mobile App (integrated with your gym management software) is a great tool to drive revenue and improve retention rates for your fitness business. However, we thought it would be interesting to talk to some members and find out the real reason why they love our clients' Mobile Apps so much. The results are really interesting and will give you a great insight into the mind of your customer!

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How to Make the Most of your Gym Booking App

Posted by Karen Bryan on 13 July, 2017

You’ve implemented a gym booking app for your facility, but you're unsure if you're using it to it’s full potential? In this article, we discuss some of the great ways Glofox clients use their branded app to engage members and prospective members alike.

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