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Glofox announces technology partnership with The Filthy 150

Posted by Anthony Kelly on 10 April, 2015

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Glofox is delighted to announce a technology partnership with premier Irish Crossfit event The Filthy 150.

In September 2014, most of Ireland's best athletes made their way to Crossfit Swords for two days of competition. With over 40 gyms on the island, 300 athletes & 1200 spectators in attendance over two days.

In 2015, the event will host 150 teams, 900 athletes & 4000 spectators at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin on October 24 and 25th.

Anthony Kelly (Glofox Sales and Marketing Director) explained how the partnership came about:

"The Filthy 150 is an exciting new Crossfit event and when we met with the team earlier this year it just made sense for both parties to work together. We loved the vision of making the event exciting for the attendees and we hope our technology can greatly assist with their mobile marketing strategy and to help it to grow year on year. Glofox now provides software and Apps to 25% of the Irish Crossfit community and working with an event such as this is a great way to support the community and stay in touch with our clients."

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