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Key Affiliate Gym Management Software Features

Posted by Karen Bryan on 17 December, 2015

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We’re bringing affiliate gym owners insight into the key features to look out for when choosing gym management software. Selecting a software provider is a huge decision and with such a broad array of competing options available, it’s vital that you drill down to your exact business requirements.

Affiliate management software features can be broken down into core and value added features. The core features consist of the features which affiliate gym owners require in order to effectively automate time consuming admin tasks. The value added features on the other hand, include add-ons which are ‘nice to have’, but are not necessarily critical to the running and administration of your box.

Set out below are a list of the core and value added features which your affiliate management software should provide to ensure your software becomes a powerful business tool.





The gym management software solution that you choose should take the pain out of scheduling classes, courses and facilities. Creating and updating your schedule will take just minutes and all attendances will be recorded to help you make tomorrow’s business decisions more informed.



As those of you who read our last blog post will know, the future of fitness is mobile and any software provider who doesn’t have mobile as part of their core strategy isn’t worth your time. Your members should have the ability to seamlessly book in for a class with just a few taps- anytime, anywhere.



You should have the option to create unlimited configurable membership types based on your affiliate gym’s own unique criteria. Ensure your membership options are catered for, for example monthly, quarterly or annual subscriptions, class based packages or pay-as-you-go drop-ins.



Avoid late payments and lost revenue by setting up recurring payments that bill automatically for your members. By simplifying payments for loyal customers, you’re giving them a greater experience, keeping them happy and committed, while simultaneously stabilizing your cashflow. Win win!



You want to make things as easy as possible for your members and thus, the ability to cancel a booking with the touch of a button is vital. Ensure the gym management software you choose has an automatic waiting list feature which becomes enabled as soon as your class hits capacity. A simple, yet intuitive way of making sure your classes and facilities are always full.



Your affiliate gym management software should give you access to a reporting suite with the key metrics that matter to your business in an instant so you can make decisions that help your crossfit business grow. Key metrics include attendance rates, retention rates and of course revenue. You should also review the trainers and classes that are driving attendance. Keeping track of these figures will help you take advantage of trends and make data driven business decisions.


Website and Social Media Integration

Integrating your fitness schedule right into your website gives your members an alternative means of viewing your information. Being fully integrated with social media networks allows your members to do the work for you through the creation of a buzz around your box by sharing your content.


Access Control and Monitoring

Depending on your box requirements, you may choose a software provider which is integrated with access control systems to give your athletes a more seamless check-in. 


Auto alerts and notifications

Setting predefined automated alerts and notifications related to issues which require immediate resolution, such as billing errors, ensures critical issues are not left unresolved. It also allows you to communicate with your members and drive engagement. Scheduling automated reminders for members that have not attended a class in quite some time will help boost your member retention.



Having your members sign their waivers online or through your business app keeps your fitness business paperless and secure.





You’ve worked hard to create your brand so why not choose a software provider that understands this? Why not have a mobile app that is custom branded to your box, reinforcing what your crossfit community stands for? The better the experience for your athletes, the less likely they are to hop from box to box.



Having the ability to engage your crossfit community by keeping members informed with reminders and notifications is a powerful feature. Build on that community you have with a software which provides an application with in-app chat features that allow members to message trainers and even each other directly from your app.


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Do you want to learn more about the key features you should look out for when choosing affiliate gym management software? Why not schedule a demo with one of our dedicated affiliate gym success agents today!



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