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How To Use Video To Promote Your Fitness Business

Posted by Eamonn Curley on 6 December, 2018


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This week, we look at the basics of creating video content for your fitness business and get some expert advice from one of a Glofox customer.


At Glofox we want to to give you the best advice and insights into acquiring and retaining customers for your fitness business. Having gone through how to create the perfect fitness marketing strategy and zoning in the different advertising platforms, you can use to generate leads we want to take a look at what type of content you should be producing to market your fitness business.

In this article, we will go into one of the most popular types of content that all businesses, not just fitness are now using as part of their marketing strategy.

Video has become one of the most dominant forms of communication online and there is a lot of key statistics to back this up.

Video will count for 82% of all internet traffic by 2021 according to Cisco. The way social media platforms are developing reflects this as they are becoming way more video-centric. For example, 100 million hours of video are watched daily on Facebook according to Techcrunch.

Scroll through most of your social media feeds now and more than likely a video will come up every two or three posts.

In this article, we are going to talk through 4 key areas you need to cover when creating video content to promote your fitness business:

The Production

The process of making your video

The Tech

What gear you should be using

The Content

What should the video be about?

The Distribution

What channels should you be delivering your content and when?

As well as that we are delighted to have Glofox customer Ronan Mahon, owner of Movement Fitness, and a Glofox product specialist to chip in with some key advice on how and when to use video for your fitness business. 


The Production

While creating your first video may seem intimidating, don’t let it put you off entirely. Nowadays nearly everyone carries a powerful media production tool in their pocket that they can use to produce good quality content.

Please don’t think you have to make smooth, professional quality video content in the beginning as a good mobile phone will be more than enough to get you started.

First of all, consider what types of platforms you are publishing on. For a boutique fitness studio, your target audience is mainly spending their time on Facebook and Instagram. You will see that a lot of the content here is self-shot, personality-driven and very stripped down. This is now the type of video content we are all used to seeing on our social media feeds, and it drives high engagement.

On top of that 51% of all video plays are now on mobile, so having content shot on a mobile phone will suit the devices your audiences are using the most. “You don’t necessarily need to have the top quality camera to get started. For the platforms, I am distributing on, mainly Facebook and Instagram, your mobile phone is the best bet” according to Ronan.

However, that does not mean you should shoot something on the fly and throw it up online. Put some thought into what you are shooting and on what platform you are distributing it.


The Tech

Shooting with your phone will require some simple additional accessories to enhance the quality of your videos.

For a video that contains one individual, be it a workout tutorial, customer testimonial or nutritional advice the goal should be to keep your subject in focus, in the center of the frame and in a well-lit environment.

For a video that contains more than one subject, say a video showcasing one of your classes, make sure the shot is steady and has smooth movement if you are panning the camera across the room.

To achieve this, you really should invest in some simple accessories such a tripod stand, a clip on the handle to lessen any shakiness, a small light, and a microphone to enhance the audio quality of your video.


The Content

When you have figured out the ins and outs how you are going to shoot your video, you then need to figure out what exactly you are going to film.For a fitness studio, you should consider the following: - Personal videos giving advice and showcasing your personality - Tutorial Videos on Fitness routines - Videos showcasing what your fitness studios and classes are about

For Ronan, these types of video perform differently depending on how you use them.

“For the likes of Instagram, personal content works a lot better and drives higher engagement. However, if I am doing paid advertising, I find that showcasing what the classes are work better.”


The Distribution

Before shooting your video plan out what you are going to say according to the platform you will be publishing on.  Various platforms require different lengths of the video.

The likes of Instagram and Facebook will suit videos shorter in duration while on Youtube and for your website longer form video will be more suitable. “The length of your content needs to suit the platform you are shooting on” Ronan explains.

He recommends using a free editing app like iMovie to edit your footage simply and efficiently to fit the required length you need “Let's say you wanted to record a video under 60 seconds for Instagram. You plan out what you are going to say, maybe its a video about counting calories. You then shoot your sixty seconds and then you put it into iMovie, and you edit it down into bite-size content that is then suitable to distribute on Instagram.”

With Youtube sometimes putting up longer form videos will have less engagement as peoples attention span seems to be a lot shorter.

However, there is a way to counteract this to make sure your videos get more engagement here.

“I’ve done fitness tutorials on Youtube before that are about 15 minutes long, and the feedback has been that they are way too long. So it would help if you cut them down into bitesize chunks. People will prefer to watch 10 2 minute videos that your group into a playlist rather than one long 20-minute video.”



So we have gone through the main things you need to know about creating video content to help promote your fitness business.

However, with all forms of content marketing requires patience and long-term thinking. It is vital that you are on the right stage of your fitness business so you can produce high-quality content on a consistent basis.

Ronan explains “What you need to focus on first of all is getting people in the door on a regular basis and keeping them there through a great experience in your gym. Focus on building your business through the likes of paid advertising and promotions first and when your business is at the stage that you are generating consistent leads and memberships then lean into video and other forms of content to build your brand and grow your business further.”

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