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Glofox Announce Collaboration with The Association of Fitness Studios

Posted by Karen Bryan on 7 December, 2017

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Here at Glofox, we want to help fitness entrepreneurs win. As part of this, we want to ensure studio owners know where to go to gain access to valuable industry insights, so they can compete on a scale previously unimaginable.  




We recently listed AFS as one of the Top 5 resources when opening a gym or fitness studio, and now, we’re furthering our relationship so we can empower fitness entrepreneurs across the world with the knowledge and support they need to succeed.



The Association of Fitness Studios proudly represents over 100,000 fitness businesses, acting as one voice for the fitness studio community. Association of Fitness Studios and Glofox have a mutual goal of helping these fitness entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a successful career, through innovative and creative solutions to complex problems.

For Glofox, the answer is powerful software that simplifies the day to day running of a fitness studio and ultimately, aids in achieving long term sustainable growth. AFS on the other hand, teams up with industry leaders to produce vital research, critical to fitness studio success and growth. This exclusive, Gold Standard Industry Research data and trend analysis is backed by the support of the entire fitness industry and is free to AFS members. 


The Future of Fitness

Together, Glofox and AFS will support each other in the provision of information and solutions to overcome the barriers hindering fitness business success. In turn, we will be helping these fitness entrepreneurs to achieve their overarching goals.


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To learn more about Glofox’s fitness studio management software and mobile app, schedule a complimentary demo with a Glofox Guru today!



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