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Everything You Need to Kick the New Year Off to a Killer Start

Posted by Karen Bryan on 20 December, 2016

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Whether you're just starting up or trying to get a real handle on your gym or studio, we have everything you need to kick 2018 off to a killer start.

We discuss topics that are KEY to running a successful gym or studio, such as:

  • Business & Finance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Software Selection

Get on it!



The business of fitness can take time to wrap your head around - accounting, reporting, member retention. But trust us, it's something you won't regret investing some time in over the new year. Use the resources below, to gain a deeper insight into some of the most important concepts when it comes to managing a fitness business. Dive in now - you won't regret it!




Top tips and resources: 

Fitness Business New Year’s Resolution Checklist

The start of a new year is always a hectic time, so we've put together a New Year's resolution checklist to help ensure you stick to all your great intentions. Who knows, 2017 could be your best year yet. 


4 Steps to Get Your Fitness Business Financially Ready for January

We know accounting can be daunting, but it can’t be avoided. Where should you start? Follow the four steps in this article to get on track for success. From here on out, the numbers will get bigger but the key principles will stay the same.

5 Tips for Transitioning from a Trainer to a Business Owner Mindset

We're giving you the low down on what it takes to transition from a trainer mindset to a business owner mindset - something that's critical in your journey to becoming a really successful fitness business owner. Have you started your journey to #BusinessOwner yet?


3 Things You Must Do Before Opening Your Doors in the New Year

We asked Paul Drew, co owner, manager and senior coach at Origin Fitness, the question we're all dying for the answer to. If he could go back and start his gym from scratch, what would he do differently? Be sure to take these answers into account in your 2017 business plan!


5 Metrics Yoga Studio Owners Must Report On

We recommend analysing these 5 key metrics to determine how well your studio is performing month on month. By keeping track of these metrics, you’ll be able to identify tonnes of opportunities to take advantage of, all helping you to take your yoga studio’s performance to the next level.




It can be difficult to stand out in an overcrowded marketplace where boutique style gyms and studios are popping up on every street corner. Nowadays, customers expect more value and a hell of a lot more flexibility. Gym and studio owners need to figure out how exactly they can convey these offerings to potential members through their marketing and sales strategies.



Top tips and resources:

The Key to Retaining Clients After the January Rush

37% of those who take up a new fitness routine in January will quit before the month is out. It’s time to avoid the revolving door of fitness by figuring out what combination of strategies work best for your gym or fitness studio. What customer retention strategy will you implement in January? 

4 Steps to Get Your Fitness Business Breaking Through the Sales Barrier

Could learning to sell really be the best way to drive your business forward? Yes! It’s all about turning that enquiry into a loyal, paying client. Use this article to learn how to get your sales process right and start hitting your sales targets in 2017!


5 Reasons Why Your Gym or Studio Needs a Mobile App

So you call yourself a modern fitness business, up to speed with the latest fitness trends? Great! So you’ve got a mobile app for your business? Huh..no? You must read the five reasons why your gym or studio needs a mobile app, ASAP!

The Ultimate Guide to Snapchat for your Studio or Gym

It can be difficult to get users actively engaging with your business. When it comes to captivating an audience, Snapchat sits on a whole other level. With more than 100 MILLION daily active users, you'd be crazy not to make the most of Snapchat for your gym or studio.



Do you still rely on spreadsheets, pen and paper to run your business? Or are you using a software solution that's filled with inconveniences? With the rise of software providers that actually specialise in the fitness realm, you'd be crazy not to feel a little curious. Make 2017 the year where you do your research and finally select the perfect software solution for your business. In the long run, you'll save time, money and avoid the wrath of unnecessary complications. 


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Top tips and resources:

The Top 5 Automations Your Fitness Studio Needs

Starting up a gym or fitness studio can be a really exciting experience, but that said, there can be days where it’s down right not what you expected. Fortunately, there are tonnes of automations that can help you to work smarter, save time and let you focus on what you do best. 

9 Reasons Why Customers Choose Glofox Over Mindbody

"Complex, outdated, inflexible" - Do these sound like things you should pay more for? If you've ever wondered if a simpler, more flexible alternative existed that gives you and your members a better customer experience - you're not alone! Don’t settle for complicated. 

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Yoga Studio Management Software

It’s easy to get lost in the admin aspect of running a yoga business: class scheduling, registration, attendance.. With this in mind, we set out 5 key tips to ensure you choose a software solution that meets your needs - without the need for compromises or workarounds.

5 Tips for Choosing Gym Software

There are tonnes of management software on the market today with varying capabilities. With that in mind, we set out 5 tips to ensure you choose a software solution that meets each and every one of your studio or gym’s requirements. 

6 Tips on Making the Switch to Glofox

I'm guessing that your current gym or studio management software just isn’t working for you. If you’ve decided to make the switch and want to make sure that the transition is seamless and as pain free as possible for your members, your staff and well, your sanity, you’ve come to the right place!



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