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Conor O'Loughlin

CEO of Glofox, Conors background was as a professional rugby player before starting Glofox. Conor has worked directly in fitness and technology for the best part of 12 years.
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Glofox & NPE Announce Global Partnership

Posted by Conor O'Loughlin on 21 November, 2017

The future of fitness is all about providing clients with valuable, positive experiences. Not only do clients expect flexibility and a plethora of choice in regards to services, but they have also come to expect a vibrant social and community aspect to their fitness regime. Gyms and fitness studios that acknowledge, appreciate and build upon these expectations are the ones that will accrue the most gains. 

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Top SaaS VCs Back Glofox with €2M to Meet Global Demand

Posted by Conor O'Loughlin on 23 March, 2017


  • Notion Capital, Partech Ventures, Tribal VC, Enterprise Ireland
  • Team growing 25 to 40, US offices, 40% of business in US
  • To build on pure organic growth - 500 existing gyms and studios
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