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5 Signs You Really Need Gym Management Software

Posted by Karen Bryan on 6 February, 2018

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You want to grow your membership base stronger and your revenue higher, yet month on month, nothing changes. You feel like you don’t have enough time to focus on up selling your current members, let alone create referral strategies to acquire more.. Sound familiar?

The bad news: As your member base grows, your business is going to become even more unmanageable.

The good news: Some simple changes to your business management processes can leave you with more free time than ever before. 

You’ve worked damn hard to get to where you are today and you deserve to put more value on your time. Your time, is money. If you’ve experienced any of the following five signs, you can be sure that gym management software is the right next step for you.


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Are you thinking of growing your business, yet fearful of the increased admin that will come alongside it? You’re not alone.

Pen, paper and spreadsheets are not effective ways to manage a business. If you want to grow your gym or studio, you’ll need to stray from your current manual processes and find a software that can scale and work in harmony with your business goals.

Think about it. Let’s say you’re spending 2 hours a day on admin with 50 clients. Do you have the resources to handle triple the admin, should you grow to 150 clients? There comes a point where automation becomes a necessity. If you don’t implement the right to automate time consuming admin, growth will remain out of reach.

Did you know, 80% of gym, wellness and fitness studio owners who join Glofox have never used a business management software in their life? It’s never too late to make the change.




If booking management has you close to tears, you’ve most likely experienced the following symptoms:

  • The front desk stress has you close to pulling your hair out.
  • You’re losing sleep over late night booking management.
  • You’re reliant on text or even Whatsapp for bookings.
  • Members call you to renew their membership.
  • Last minute cancellations are your worst nightmare.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for you and your members: An all-in-one Gym Management Software with a Mobile App. When you set up the right booking automations, you can avoid countless hours surfing spreadsheets.

Time-saving features include: 

  • Self Sign-Up
  • Mobile Booking
  • Instant Cancellations
  • Automatic Waiting List
  • Push Notification Messaging
  • Schedule Integration & Online Booking

Get the full details on the time-saving features you need to solve the booking headache, for good: Gym Booking Software Features




Does the awkward “late payment conversation” send your blood boiling? Especially, when it’s the third time you’ve asked a member? Your members are just as busy as you are and it’s not unlikely for a payments to slip their mind.

We know how much community is valued in the fitness industry, so there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re breaking down the great vibe you’ve worked hard to create. However, the reality is your business depends on timely payments.

What if there was a way to guarantee that you get paid on time, while also making bookings super convenient for your members? Well, with the right management software in place, you can stop that cash from slipping through the cracks, for good.

Here’s how:

  1. Your members sign up to your gym through your very own branded mobile app.
  2. They create their member profile and save their payment details.
  3. They purchase a membership in two taps.
  4. They book their next class, appointment or course in seconds.

When members purchase a recurring membership, the payment is taken automatically each month, bimonthly or after the time period you select, guaranteeing you get paid on time. With confidence that the software is securely taking care of this information and automating processes to make your life easier, what's not to love?




Your “go to” method of communication with members is email, but you have one problem - Nobody seems to read them? There’s nothing worse than showing up for a class that’s been canceled. In fact, it could be the deciding factor that pushed that member over the line, and into your rivals studio. Ouch.  

If you want to be able to connect with your members anytime, anywhere, then mobile is where you need to be. One of the greatest benefits of having a branded mobile app for your gym lies in the direct marketing channel that it creates. Once a member downloads your app, they essentially carry it around with them every single day.

Through push notifications, you have the opportunity to send targeted messages to your members. Class updates, promotions, timetable changes - you can send them all directly to the home screen of your member’s smartphone when you have a mobile app for your gym. Email, on the other hand is likely to end up straight in their junk mail.

As a result you can drastically reduce class no shows, increase bookings and sales and start building meaningful relationships with your members.




When it comes to the health of your business, do you feel like you’re shooting in the dark? Do you lack the information you need to make informed decisions? To grow your gym, you need instant access to accurate information:

  • How many members do you have right this minute?
  • How many new sign ups do you get per month?
  • How many members do you lose each month?
  • What trainers generate the most revenue at your facility each month?
  • What classes generate the most attendances each month?


If you don’t know these numbers off the tip of your tongue (or at least have access to them in a couple of clicks), it’s most definitely time to invest in a gym management software with reporting capabilities.

For example, with Glofox, you can dig deeper into your business performance with the Report Builder tool. From here, simple to use filters ensure you can gain insights into metrics such as revenue, class bookings, sales, attendances, payments and much more - in an instant.

By keeping track of these metrics each month, you can identify trends, opportunities for growth and areas where actions may be required.




Find out if your business is a perfect fit for gym management software today! Simply select a day and time for your free, personalized demo from the link below:



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