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3 Fitness Trends your Rivals will Take Advantage of in 2018

Posted by Karen Bryan on 29 January, 2018

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2018 is set to be one hell of a year for your gym or studio. It’s the year you get social, build your fitness tribe and most of all, be serious about your member experience. If your business model is focused on group training and semi-private personal training, then this is a must read!


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Be sure to take advantage of these fitness trends, particularly, before your rivals do!


1. The Rise of Social Booking

Social Booking” is a unique way that Glofox customers are using unrestricted social sharing of their classes and last minute promotions, along with easy access to every single customer, to fill every class and keep clients coming back for more.

When you liberate your booking and payment engine from your website, you can share available classes during a promotion, promote a class right up to the minute it starts, or even share classes on social platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with ease. Your customers can then book and pay for the class directly through the social media platform, without even having to navigate away to your website (or someone else’s)!

Glofox is ‘Social First’, so this social sharing feature is as simple as adding a link to your profile or embedding your website integration anywhere you’d like your class booking schedule or classes to be displayed. No hassle, just a great social booking experience.


2. The Switch to an Engagement Business Model

Group training studios and boutique fitness spaces are implementing a completely different business model to the ‘Big Gyms’. Instead of ‘sell, burn and churn’, they’re operating an ‘Engagement Business Model’. With limited capacity in their gyms, it’s all about optimizing value and getting those high value members super engaged.

Studio owners operating under this business model need to maintain a single view of every member - so they can keep track of each person who joins, books and walks through the door.

With the right membership management software behind them, these studio owners have the insights they need to charge more for their services, attract and retain more valuable clients. Most can charge more for their services because they can offer a better experience to their customers, by delivering more value.

3. A Personalized Member Experience

The last few years we’ve seen more and more gyms and fitness studios take advantage of mobile to drive bookings and engagement to an all time high.

Now, as these owners get more and more comfortable with their top performing channel, they’re experimenting with unique features to create more loyal, engaged members. With mobile features, you can create a personalized experience that drives business growth even further in the right direction.


Here’s how you can get personalized with your member experience in 2018:


  • Push Messaging: Including Group Messages

A push message is a short notification, sent by a mobile app, to the home screen of a smartphone or tablet. When used to your advantage, push messages are a fantastic tool for bringing users back to your app, in particular to book a class or take advantage of an offer.

In Glofox, push messages can be targeted an individuals or groups, all so you can provide members with the personalized experience they need to feel valued at your gym or fitness studio.

  • Automated Emails: With a Personal Feel

Email marketing is crucial when it comes to engaging with your clients at particular points in their fitness journey. That said, crafting emails tailored to individuals in a growing membership base is an extremely time-consuming activity. That’s why we’re introducing a “Connect with Email” feature here at Glofox over the coming months.

Soon, our clients will be able activate 12 different email types, all so you can engage with your clients at the right time, with the right message (without having to dedicate hours on end to writing and sending emails).

Your time is precious. These features, combined with our powerful gym management software will help you to spend it more wisely!


To learn more about how Glofox can help you to take advantage of these fitness trends, schedule a demo with one of our software experts below:


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